3M Lite Com Headsets


3M Lite-Com Headsets

How to Choose Your 3M Lite-com Radio Headset

Recommended for Construction • Manufacturing • Racing • Shooting Ranges • Transportation • Workshops

Question 1 How will you be wearing your 3M Lite-Com Headset? With or without a Hard Hat?

The following Model Lite-Com headsets include ARC rails that are designed to be used with Hard hats-3M MT7H7P3E4010-NA-50, 3M MT53H7P3E4600-NA,3M MT7H7P3E4010-NA-50, 3M MT7H7P3E4610-NA.

The following Model Lite-Com headsets include built-in headband: 3M MT53H7A4600-NA, MT53H7A4600-NA, 3M MT7H7F4010-NA-50.

Question 2 Do you require a neckband style 3M Lite-Com Radio Headset that can be used with a helmet? The following 3M models are recommended for this specific use: 3M MT7H7B4610-NA, MT53H7B4600-NA.

Question 3 Is an intrinsically safe product required for areas where the danger of explosions exists?  3M Lite-Com headsets minimize liability and maximize safety for personnel working in areas with danger of explosions.  This includes but is not limited to personnel working in mining, oil, gas, chemical, and pharmaceutical or aerospace industries.  The following 3M Lite-Com headsets are certified as Intrinsically Safe. 3M MT7H7B4010-NA-50, 3M MT7H7F4010-NA-50

Question 4 Is a Bluetooth required for cell phone or 2-way radio use. The following 3M models offer Bluetooth

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