Harris M/A-Com P7100/P5100/P5200 Radio

The Harris M/A-Com P7100IP portable radio has been in use by law enforcement, and military professionals over the last twenty years. This two way radio provides operation on multiple applications. Batteries and accessories play a key role in the ultimate success of the Harris M/A-Com P7100 radio solution. In this regard, the system is only as strong as its weakest link. Waveband Communications is a specialist in manufacturing high quality Harris Ma/com P7100 compataible radio accessories. We custom manufacture accessories that meet the highest standards for performance and durability. Agencies across the U.S. and abroad rely on our batteries and accessories to ensure maximum performance from their Harris M/A-Com radio investment.   


Select Harris M/A-Com Radio Models: 


Harris P5100 Radio 

Features a compact and durable design. 

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Harris P5200 Radio

Features a compact and durable design. 

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Harris P7100 Radio 

Same basic features as the P5100 in a more rugged package for extreme environments.

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