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Headset For Two Way Radio

Waveband Communications manufactures Headsets for for military, SWAT, security, construction, police and fire two way radios. 

Our two-way radio headset line includes lightweight behind the head headsets, Kevlar mounted headsets, temple transducer headsets, noise canceling headsets, NTOA approved headsets for snipers and over the head headsets for use in high noise environments. Our new NTOA noise canceling headsets use state of the art technology designed to enhance situational awareness, hear radio communications and protect users hearing when shots are fired. From construction to SWAT we can provide a headset that will improve your critical radio communications.

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700P / P7100 / P7130 P7150 / P7170 / P5100 / P5130 / P5150 Jaguar Quick Disconnect UDC Speaker Behind-the-Head Headset M/A COM Jaguar WB# WV-10450-HR

Hirose Quick Disconnect UDC Speaker Behind-the-head headset with noise-canceling boom mic.
$161.00 $79.99

F43, F33, F43TR, F3001, F4001, F3101D, F4101D, F3021, F4021 Icom Radio compatible Heavy duty lightweight headset. WB# WV9-467-I2

Tactical lightweight behind-the-head headset with noise canceling boom mic, kevlar reinforced cable, in-line PTT, remote finger PTT and adjustable headband for Icom F43, F33, F43TR, F3001, F4001, F3101D, F4101D, F3021, F4021 Radio. WB# WV9-467
$149.00 $96.50

Harris M/A-Com Behind-the-head Noise Cancelling Headset

Harris M/A-Com Behind-the-head Noise Cancelling Headset includes noise canceling boom microphone and in-line PTT for Harris M/A-Com Radio Series. Waveband WV4-1002-MC2 is rated 24DB noise canceling and is recommended for manufacturing plant engineers, industrial processing technicians, construction teams, race teams, airport personnel, or anyone in a high noise environment.
$399.00 $199.00

Jaguar 700P Behind-the-Head Headset

Jaguar 700P Behind-the-Head Headset is a tactical, lightweight headset with noise cancelling boom mic. WB# WV4-10450
$199.00 $139.00

Jaguar P7100 Behind-the-Head Headset

M/A-Com Behind the Head Headset for Jaguar P7100 series radios.
$199.00 $139.00

Motorola XPR 6300 Headset (RMN5058)

Lightweight, high-clarity, hands-free headset for Motorola XPR 6300 (RMN5058).