Icom F3161/F4161

The Icom F3161 Portable Radio has been the preferred choice for law enforcement professionals for over a decade. 

We deliver ICOM F3161 accessories that help make the most of your radio assets

All fully-compatible ICOM F3161 accessories from Waveband Communications meet exacting standards for performance and dependability

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Heavy Duty Throat Microphone. Dual microphone elements pick up sound directly from users throat, so very little ambient noise is heard.

Tactical, heavy-duty throat microphone with acoustic earphone Blocks background noise by picking up the sound of the user's voice directly from vocal chord vibration. Uses the Waveband large TACTICAL TOUCH Push-To-Talk (PTT) New single piece microphone for comfort with performance Heavy-duty construction, featuring polyurethane cable, rubber, and high-impact polycarbonate. Clear acoustic tube style surveillance earphone made of heavy grade surgical tubing. Large PTT button for tactical set-up.
$299.00 $179.00

2-Wire Surveillance Kit Icom F50/F60 & F70/F80 WB# WV1-15025-I5

2-Wire Surveillance kit for Icom F50/F60 & F70/F80. 2 wire surveillance kit with kevlar reinforced cable, premium microphone,quick disconnect clear acoustical tube, ear bud and direct Icom F50 connector.
$99.00 $59.99

BP196 Ni-Mh battery for IC-F3/F4-T2A WB# BP196

1900 Mah Ni-Mh battery for Icom IC-F3/F4-T2A Series Radio. Our WV-BP196 Comes with a 1yr warranty against manufacturer defects or to hold 80% of its rated charge.Battery includes clip free of charge. Compatible Portable Two Way Radio Models:ICOM IC-F3, IC-F4, IC-T2A EF Johnson Falcon 7500 EF Johnson Falcon 7540, ICOM IC-A4, ICOM IC-F4,ICOM IC-F4TR, ICOM IC-T2A,ICOM IC-T2H
$41.00 $30.00

HM159SC equivalent Rugged Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm accessory jack for Icom F50/F50V/F60V/F60/F3161DS/ F4161DS/F70/F80 Radios. WB# WX-8010-S-P08

HM159SC equivalent Rugged Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm accessory jack for Icom F50/F50V/F60V/F60/ F3161DS/F4161DS/ F70/F80 Radios. WB# WX-8010-S-PO8
$59.99 $49.99

Motorola 5080386B90 Ear Tip (1-pack)

Singe (1) Regular Clear Ear Tip
$1.38 $1.24

Motorola 5080386B90 Ear Tips (100-pack)

Motorola 5080386b90 Clear Ear Tips (100-pack)
$81.50 $78.00

Motorola 5080386B90 Ear Tips (25-pack)

25-pack of Motorola 5080386B90 Ear Tips
$24.50 $22.00

Motorola 8505518V01 136-174 Wideband VHF Antenna for Motorola XTS Series Radio. WB# WXTSVHF

6 1/2 inch VHF 136 Mhz-174 MHz injection molded antenna for use with all Motorola XTS Series radios.
$29.99 $24.50