Kenwood NX-210 Lapel Speaker Microphone


We have the compatible Kenwood NX-210 lapel  speaker microphone you need. Each NX-210 lapel speaker microphone (RSM) model is engineered to assure you of loud-and-clear communications in the most demanding environments.

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Kenwood Lapel Speaker Mic for Kenwood TK-52/5310 TK-52/5320 TK-21/3180 NX-200/300

Waveband Public Safety Speaker microphone with 3.5mm accessory port for Kenwood TK-380 w/functional Emergency Button and Hirose connector, and Waterproof IP54 Rating. Waveband Adapter Part# K2-ADP-M7 Required with WX-8010-K2-3.5mm-EB-Hirose for Kenwood TK-52/5310 TK-52/5320 TK-21/3180 NX-200/300
$99.00 $79.00

Kenwood NX-210 Lapel Speaker Mic

The perfect alternative to a Kenwood KMC-41 remote speaker microphone. Compare and save! This mic is IP68 rated waterproof, comes with a 3.5mm accessory port, superior audio quality, and is extremely rugged. 36-month warranty included. Waveband Part# WX-8010-K-P02
$79.00 $68.00