Kenwood VP600 Charger

Kenwood VP600 Charger

Choose a Kenwood VP600 Charger, conditioner or analyzer from Waveband Communications to keep your VP600 operating at peak efficiency. Each charger, conditioner and analyzer is fully-compatible with VP600 series batteries.

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WPPN4065BR 6-Unit Conditioning Charger for Motorola XTS Series Batteries. WB# WI-80

6 Unit Conditioning charger analyzer for Motorola XTS5000. Will extend life of battery but not able to charge with radio attached. Waveband# WI-80 Tri-chemistry charging for multiple radio battery chemistries Six independent,field-interchangeable adapters Compatible with the i-gauge analyzer,works with both IS (Intrinsically safe) and non-IS Drop-In capability for Impress radio batteries, as well as non-Impress batteries Patented Dynamic Electrochemical Waveform (DEW)technology Battery Conditioning Charge with every charge Can be used to charge multiple battery designs and chemistries at the same time User-friendly design and operation.
$999.00 $849.00