Larsen Mobile Ham Antenna

Mobile Ham Antennas by Larsen

First Source Wireless proudly offer the outstanding performance of mobile ham radio antennsa by Larsen.

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Larsen Ham Radio Whip Antenna

Coil / Whip, Unity, 27 - 31 MHz, .100 Dia Black Whip
$69.99 $43.89

Pulse/Larsen NMO2/70B

Coil / Whip, 2.4 dB/4 dB,144-148/440-450 MHz, .100 Dia Black Whip
$69.99 $67.24

Pulse Larsen NMOKHFUDMPL Vehicle roof mount antenna installation Hardware.

Pulse Larsen NMOKHFUDMPL NMO High Frequency Mount, 17’ RG-58/U Dual Shield, MPL
$29.99 $18.99