Motorola CP200d Earpiece

Motorola CP200d Earpiece accessories from Waveband Commumications are high-quality, affordable and fully compatible. Make sure you hear every word loud and clear from your CP200d.

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Motorola PMLN4620A Receive-Only Earpiece

Motorola PMLN4620A Receive-Only Earpiece is fully equivalent to Motorola PMLN4620A. Over-the-ear, listen-only earpiece. D-Shape with 3.5mm right angle plug. WD-Shape.
$24.99 $14.50

Motorola RLN4941A Earpiece

Receive-only Motorola RLN4941A Earpiece: 3.5mm right angle plug, high grade 10" coiled cord, low profile, quick disconnect medical grade translucent-coiled acoustical tube and two silicon ear buds. For use with earphone jacks on all shoulder/lapel mounted speaker microphones.
$24.99 $19.97

Motorola WADN4190 Receive-Only Earpiece

Receive-only, lightweight and flexible earpiece for use with speaker microphone 3.5mm audio jacks. Comparable to Motorola WADN4190.
$21.50 $18.99

WV-CT0019 Rubber Eartip / Acoustic Tube (Black).

WV-CT0019 Rubber Eartip / Acoustic Tube (Black). Comes with 1 year warranty against manufacture defects.
$28.00 $19.99