Motorola MT 1500 Accessories

The Motorola MT 1500 portable radio is one of the robust radios, with a design that stands up in the most demanding environments.  All though this portable radio is no longer manufactured we still continue to manufacture, and stock accessories for this radio.  . We deliver Motorola MT 1500 accessories that help make the most of your radio assets

All our fully-compatible MT 1500 accessories meet exacting standards for performance and dependability. 

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3M (MT16H044FB-19 CY) COMTAC IV Hybrid Communication Headset

The 3M™ Peltor™ COMTAC™ IV Hybrid Communication Headset (MT16H044FB-19 CY)is an industry leader for tactical applications. Dual Comm, 20" Straight Dual Downlead Terminated with NEXUS TP-120, Flexi Boom Mic, NATO Wiring. 3M part number MT16H044FB-19 CY Note: This item is built to order and is not returnable other than for defects which are covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty.
$899.00 $699.00

BDN6730A 3-Wire Surveillance Kit Motorola XTS Series Radios. WB# WV1-20223x

3-wire surveillance kit features kevlar reinforced cable premium microphone quick disconnect clear acoustical tube, ear bud and direct Motorola UDC connector. Motorola Part# BDN6730A WaveBand Part# WV1-2023x
$76.50 $69.99

Motorola 5080386B90 Ear Tips (100-pack)

Motorola 5080386b90 Clear Ear Tips (100-pack)
$81.50 $78.00

Motorola 5080386B90 Ear Tips (25-pack)

25-pack of Motorola 5080386B90 Ear Tips
$24.50 $22.00

Motorola 8505518V01 136-174 Wideband VHF Antenna for Motorola XTS Series Radio. WB# WXTSVHF

6 1/2 inch VHF 136 Mhz-174 MHz injection molded antenna for use with all Motorola XTS Series radios.
$29.99 $24.50

Motorola 8505644V031 6 1/2 inch 160-174 MHz Antenna for Motorola XTS Series Radio. WB# WXTS167

6 1/2 inch VHF 160-174 MHz antenna for Motorola XTS Series Radios.
$28.99 $22.99

Motorola APX 7000 Surveillance Kit (RLN5878A)

Motorola APX 7000 Surveillance Kit (equivalent to RLN5878A). Black, receive-only, single-wire surveillance kit for Motorola APX radio series.

Motorola BDN6728A Earpiece

Motorola BDN6728A Listen-only Earpiece provides quality and comfort during private communications. 25" Coiled Cord with 3.5mm Threaded Straight Connector. Constructed using heavy duty grade industrial jacketed cables that provide excellent strain relief. This ear piece includes a 1 year limited warranty.
$49.00 $21.50