Motorola XTS Radios

First responders around the world rely on Motorola XTS radios for mission critical operations. First introduced in 1991, XTS radios operate in 700/800 MHz and VHF bands. Also known as Astro 25 radios, models provide a range of interoperability across P25* public safety systems and digital and analog networks. Integrated GPS and text messaging are available features.

Batteries and accessories play a key role in the ultimate success of an XTS radio solution. In this regard, the system is only as strong as its weakest link. Waveband Communications is a specialist at XTS radio accessories. We custom manufacture accessories that meet the highest standards for performance and durability. Agencies across the U.S. rely on our batteries and accessories to ensure maximum performance from their XTS radio investment. 

Select XTS Radio Models:

XTS 1500 Radio

This portable radio complies with both Project 16 and Project 25 standards and is available in 700/800 MHz, VHF, UHF R1 and UHF R2 bands.

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APX 2500 Radio

The Motorola XTS 2500 digital portable radio is a full-featured radio to support Project 25 standards. It operates on local and wide area networks

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XTS 3000 Radio

Same basic features as the 1500 in a more rugged package for extreme environments.

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XTS 5000 Radio 

The XTS 5000 is the toughest and most advanced interoperable digital portable radio Motorola manufactures.

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*P25 (Project 25 or APCO-25) is a suite of standards for digital radio communications used by federal, state/province and local public safety agencies throughout North America to enable communications with other agencies and coordinated response teams in emergencies.