Utility Service Two-Way Radio Accessories

Utility Services

Communicate Instantly
Delivery of electricity, natural gas and water services are so consistent and service interruptions so rare that we take them for granted. UNTIL - service is interrupted – then everyone impacted is on the phone demanding that service be restored immediately. Outages or other emergency services require solid, reliable communications to effectively assess and address problems to quickly and safely get gas, electric and water flowing again. In non-emergency operations, superior communications equipment improves efficiency, helps reduce costs and enhances safety for your work-force.

Why take chances?
Trust the same 2-way radio accessories used by Law Enforcement and Emergency personnel across the country

Accessory Specialists for: Motorola APX Radios, EF Johnson, Harris, Icom, Kenwood and Vertex

Whether you have the latest technological communications products, or earlier gear, WaveBand Communications offers the most current Security Radio Accessories with the ever-improving technology that helps your equipment achieve maximum performance. Your team can operate with full confidence in the capability and dependability of the provided equipment.

Exceptional Warranties
We take pride and stand behind our products. In fact, we back them with exceptional warranties.

Our 2-way Radio Accessories are backed by a “no hassle” THREE YEAR WARRANTY!

All portable radio batteries (including “Intrinsically Safe”) and chargers are warranted for one (1) full year by WaveBand Communications.

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