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Featured products

3M Peltor Artillery Earmuff 88076-00000,(H6B GN), Tactical Hearing Protection

Specifically created with input from the U.S. Army to meet battlefield conditions, the low-profile design of the artillery earmuff is compatible with most military helmets, including ACH, and helps provide hearing protection for tactical specialists. 10 EA/Case
$399.00 $314.97


$899.00 $742.00

3M MT7H7P3E4010-NA-50 Peltor LiteCom Pro II 2-Way Headset, Hard Hat

Two Way Radio Hard Hat offers an intrinsically safe and convenient way to help your team communicate in noisy environments. It features software programmability in order to tailor settings to your specific workplace needs.
$999.00 $849.00

Harris XG-25P Two Way Portable Radio

When communication and performance matter, the XG-25P two Way Portable Radio meets the challenge. Armed with Bluetooth® functionality and ready for operation in the narrowband frequencies, the XG-25P is the best in radio value. When you require exceptional audio in a rugged and lightweight radio, the XG-25P delivers.

3M HTM79A-49 Peltor HT Series Listen-Only Headset Headband

Peltor™ HT Series Listen Only Headset headband helps provide clear, concise sound reproduction and communication in high-noise environments. This comfortable and durable communications headset allows for long-term use under tough conditions.
$179.99 $127.89

Harris XG-75 Multimode Portable Radio

Two way portable radio. The XG-75P is a single-band radio operating in the VHF, UHF-L, and 700/800 MHz frequency bands. Delivering multiple features and options, this portable is easily customized to meet users' needs.
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Motorola RLN4941A Earpiece

Receive-only Motorola RLN4941A Earpiece: 3.5mm right angle plug, high grade 10" coiled cord, low profile, quick disconnect medical grade translucent-coiled acoustical tube and two silicon ear buds. For use with earphone jacks on all shoulder/lapel mounted speaker microphones.
$24.99 $19.97

Harris XG-100 Two-Wire Surveillance Kit

The WV1-15023-E5 is a compatible Harris XG-100 Two-Wire Heavy-Duty Surveillance Kit. This kit is designed for law enforcement, military, security, and S.W.A.T. teams. The kit is manufactured using the highest quality components; Knowles surface Mems microphones, Kevlar strong cables, and medical grade coiled acoustical tube. This two way portable radio ear microphone earpiece is ideal for covert communications.
$89.99 $85.99

3M FL5063-02 Peltor Push-To-Talk Adapter

3M Push-To-Talk Adapter FL5063-02. NATO plug for use with ComTac and SwatTac series Compatible with APX 7000, APX 6000, APX 4000, APX 1000, XPR 6300, XPR 6350, XPR 6380, XPR 6500, XPR 6550, XPR 6580
$329.00 $314.00

Motorola ZMN6032A Two-wire Surveillance Kit

Motorola ZMN6032A Two-wire Surveillance Kit for Motorola XTS, and Motorola APX Series Radio. Equivalent to: Motorola ZMN6038ASP01, Motorola ZMN6032A.
$89.99 $64.50

Harris P5300 Surveillance Kit

Harris P5300 Surveillance Kit is a two-wire surveillance kit with Kevlar reinforced cable, premium Knowles microphone, quick disconnect clear acoustic and conical pins.
$99.00 $68.00

88064-00000 3M Peltor Dual Comm ComTac III w/Split Audio and Single Downlead ACH/MICH Helmet

88064-00000 3M Peltor Dual Comm ComTac III w/Split Audio and Single Downlead ACH/MICH Helmet Compatible Two-Way Radio Headset Kit, NATO Wired (Headset, Gel Earseals, One Dual Comm PTT, Carry/Storage Bag & Batteries)
$1,199.00 $1,115.00

Larsen GPSDM700/2500FFS GPS/Cellular/PCS/Wifi Mobile Antenna

LARSEN GPS/Cellular/PCS/WiFi mobile antenna with active 3-5V GPS module. Direct mount 3/4" hole. Three 17' cables with FME (Cell/PCS), FME (WiFi), SMA (GPS)
$89.99 $86.05

Larsen GPSDM700/5800SSS

Pulse/Larsen GPSDM700/5800SSS advanced technology multi-band antenna is a great option for voice, mobile data, Public Safety and Asset Tracking applications. Three cables support the diverse technologies. Additional cable configurations, lengths and connector options available upon request.
$79.99 $86.05
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